NOTICE BOARD : 28/9/21 web updated

Thursday club runs are from the Canoe club from 9th September keep an eye on the diary for any other changes.

Look out for emails and Facebook

COUCH to 5K contact Katherine through Weybridge Couch or email

Club kit (except vests) order direct from Prosports HERE

New Club vests ready to order HERE now with photos

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Training sessions

SEE diary page

We are a friendly local club catering for runners of all abilities. We meet on the first floor in the Weybridge canoe club. The main entrance is through the metal shutters (facing the river), past the canoes and up the stairs.

Tuesdays: all year, we meet at 7pm at Elmbridge Canoe Club. We recommend this evening, for any newcomers, as it is our most popular.

Wednesdays: Meet at the Xcel Hub Track 7:00 sharp.

Thursdays: during the autumn and winter we meet at 7pm at Elmbridge Canoe Club

Weekends we usually have a club run on the Sunday, details on the notice board or the diary.

Beginner Friendly – On Tuesdays at 7:00 we invite new runners to join us.

We are also on Social Media ...............


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