Who are you?

Committee kit monitor

Men's captain


Elmbridge Secretary

WomenÕs captain





Social secretary

Mike Bruce



Membership Secretary

Favourite thing about running?

New adventures

Competition, keeping fit and continually challenging myself


Forgetting all of life's stresses for an hour or so

I really enjoy trail running which can mean getting out on to new

routes in some lovely places.


I love being outdoors off-road in the hills


I love the feeling of freedom, being able to get away from life's stresses


You always feel better after you have finished than before you started


Sitting down with a cup of tea afterwards.


Almost unlimited eating

ItÕs a fantastic way of meeting new people and keeping fit, as well as being a great stress relief

When did you start running?

Two years ago

I ran on and off as a teenager.

Primary school - always late so always running!

I celebrated Y2K with friends and we all agreed to do something we had never done before.

Mine was to do a marathon!


Regularly when I was 47


2007. I stopped playing football (badly) and started running


After I left the army - my one and only marathon was in 1994


Grand old age of 36


1995 or so

When I was a teenager, when my brother and I helped my dad with his marathon training

Top tips for new runners?

Enjoy running in the rain – itÕs not that bad!

Join a club - you will make far more progress and more friends, guaranteed. 


Never forget that it's meant to be fun...

Running should be fun!

Run your own pace!


Take it slowly. Slow progress is better than no progress.


Whatever your distance and speed you will always feel positive


Stick with it, not too much too soon.


Don't increase mileage by more than 10% per week

Starting off can be tough, but with encouragement and training you can enjoy achieving PB after PB!

Interesting running fact


I am 100% addicted to strava.

A cousin of Sinead Diver (google her!) – she is inspirational!


I completed the Marathon des Sables in 2012.


My speed at picking myself up off the ground!


In 2012 I swore I would never run a marathon. I have now (Jan 2017) completed 6 and am training for number 7.


My quickest ever 5k was in boots when in the army


Getting faster

I've been doing this for 20 years and I'm still rubbish

IÕve run in multiple races with Mo Farah (as a kid!)

What pace do you run at?

9 min miles

6-7:30 min mile

Ask me 4 years ago...!

Depends on the distance and the terrain

12 min / mile in Ultras   Around 9 min/ mile racing on road


8-9 minute miles depending on how much pizza, curry and beer I have consumed.

Around 8 min miles for races


6-8 minute miles


umÉ9 minutes per mile, on a good day

IÕm currently injured, but I used to run at about 6/6.5 minutes per mile

Preferred race distance

Half marathon 

Anything from 5k to marathon


The longer the better ÉÉ.

Road: 1/2 marathon

Off-road: 26+


I have an unhealthy habit of thinking entering marathons is a good idea.

Anywhere between 10k and half marathon




Half marathon

Either 10 miles or half marathon

Favourite ERR training route

Esher Woods

The woods

Esher woods

Wednesday evening track sessions – theyÕre challenging but really good

West End


Esher Woods route when it was snowing. A stunning run.


Walton Bridge relays

Sunday runs and ŌSpecialsÕ


Chertsey Meads

A Sunday run from West End across Esher Woods

Favourite ERR race

Dorking 10 mile

London marathon, endure 24, green belt relay

Green Belt Relay

The Green Belt Relays


Cross country


Elmbridge 10k


Surrey half (pb !) and Hogs Back 7 (ish)


Green belt or Horton Park relays


Meon Valley Plod

Endure 24

Favourite ERR social event

JohnÕs quiz night!!

Green belt relay, kind of social 

Green Belt Relay!

The Friday Comedy nights at Walton were great fun!


Quiz nights


Curry night.


Quiz nights (I run them !!)

Christmas Dinner


Summer barbecue

ItÕs got to be our Christmas party (in January)

Favourite thing about ERR

Made new friends and got many PBÕs too

Friendly crowd, always somebody to run with.

Good people to run with, and great having friendly faces at events

There is a mix of experience and running ambitions


Friendship and encouragement from other members

Erm...curry night.

There is always someone to run with and support you along the way.

Committee meetings !

We keep finding new ways of making it fun

A club that welcomes all abilities